Vettel on future, stewards & holes in roads

Michelle Foster

Sebastian Vettel on future, stewards & holes in roads

Sebastian Vettel is not willing to entertain talk about his future in F1 after his Canadian disappointment and says he “sympathise in a way” with the stewards.

Vettel arrived in Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix having to deny rumours that he is considering walking away from Formula 1 at the end of this season.

Although he has a contract with Ferrari until the end of next year, rumours surfaced after Monaco claiming he is thinking about quitting.

Vettel said it is not true, however, a few days later one can’t blame him if he is seriously considering hanging up his helmet.

The Ferrari driver was on course for the Canadian GP win only to be denied by the stewards who gave him a five-second time penalty for an unsafe return onto the track during his battle with Lewis Hamilton.

As such Vettel finished second while Hamilton claimed Mercedes’ seventh win of this season.

Asked whether Sunday’s decision could make him question his future in the sport, he replied: “I’m not ready for this kind of question.

“I just feel that nowadays we look at so many things that we didn’t in the past, because nobody was really making a fuss.

“Now, obviously it’s worth making a fuss for everything because you have these decisions.”

The Ferrari driver, who is still seeking his first victory of this campaign, added that he feels for the stewards as they do not have an easy job.

He likened their job to being the person who has to guide pedestrians around a hole in the road, even if they are “idiot” enough to knowingly walk into it.

“I sympathise in a way with the stewards,” he continued.

“I’ve said many times when I’ve been in there that they are sitting in front of a piece of paper and they’re watching the race and they also came back to me and say we agree but look, we have to do these kind of things so I think just the way we are doing these things now is just wrong.

“But it’s our times, we have regulations for everything.

“It’s clear there’s a hole when walking down a pedestrian walk and there is a hole in the street because they’re doing construction work and there needs to be a be guy who guides you to the other side of the road, otherwise it’s the construction company’s fault that you fell into the hole and broke a leg, but I think you’re just an idiot if you walk into that hole and break you leg but that’s a little bit how my theory is nowadays.

“The approaches are drifting apart.”

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