Vettel: Small mistake, big disappointment

Sebastian Vettel: Small mistake, big disappointment

Sebastian Vettel is adamant he will sleep well despite his small mistake in the German GP having a “big impact” on both the race and the title fight.

Vettel was leading Sunday’s German Grand Prix, racing toward his first victory at the Hockenheimring when the rain came down.

He survived the initial shower only to get caught out in the second, crashing his SF71H nose first into the barrier.

He said: “I was in the barrier and realised I don’t get out from there so how do you process that.

“I don’t think it was a huge mistake but it was a huge impact on the race as we retired there.

“It is not like tonight I’ll have difficulties falling asleep because of what I’ve done.

“I think it is disappointing because up until that point everything was sweet.

“As I said we didn’t need the rain.”

The race result, which saw Lewis Hamilton claim the victory, means the Brit has retaken the lead in the title race, 17 points ahead of Vettel.

The Ferrari driver, though, says he still has full confidence in his car and in Ferrari.

“We have a strong car so we can be confident more than anyone else,” he said.

“It was just one of those moments.

“My mistake so apologies to the team as they did everything dead right.

“I had it in my hands, small mistake, big disappointment.”