Vettel: Spa shows SF71H works everywhere

Sebastian Vettel: Spa shows SF71H works everywhere

Sebastian Vettel: Spa shows SF71H works everywhere

Having watched as his titles hopes were obliterated at F1’s high-speed circuits last season, Sebastian Vettel says his Belgian GP wins proves his Ferrari is a good car “everywhere.”

In 2017, up against Lewis Hamilton for the World title, errors coupled with a general lack of pace at high-speed circuits cost Vettel any chance of a fifth Drivers’ title.

This year, though, Ferrari’s SF71H and its V6 engine have emerged as the package to beat – even as the sport’s fastest circuits.

Vettel raced to a comfortable victory at Spa on Sunday, beating Hamilton by 11 seconds.

“We have a good car that seems to work everywhere,” the German told Sky F1.

“I don’t think the car was there right from the beginning, but we’ve got it to the point where it works everywhere and now we’re competitive.

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“We had our deficits last year. We had a car that worked well on twisty tracks where a lot of downforce was required, but we were missing out on tracks where the car needed to be more efficient like here, Silverstone and a couple of other tracks.

“This year the car seems to be more robust in that regard and seems to work everywhere. We improved the package as well, so we’ve done a step forward.”

Sunday’s victory means Vettel trails Hamilton by 17 points in the standings with 200 still in play.

He added: “It’s key to have a car that works everywhere because that’s been our weaknesses, but we’ve tackled it fairly well.”

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