Vettel unhappy with F1’s ‘super-boring’ trophies

Michelle Foster
Sebastian Vettel unhappy with F1's 'super-boring' trophies

Sebastian Vettel unhappy with F1's 'super-boring' trophies

Sebastian Vettel would rather F1 races handed out interesting trophies than vases with sponsors’ names featured.

Between the 21 grands prix on this year’s calendar there is a mix of the mundane, the marvellous and the downright weird when it comes to trophies.

However, if Vettel was left to choose the trophies he would go with just about anything that isn’t controlled by the race’s title sponsor as he reckons they often lean towards the “super-boring”.

He told “When I started watching Formula 1 on TV some races had very iconic trophies in terms of design or material that they use.

“I’m not chasing glory as in people knowing my name or knowing my name, I think I picked the right sport anyway because I’m wearing a helmet most of the time.

“But these small things, they make a difference to me.

“I care, I think for me they are part of traditions and when I look back at old pictures I see the old guys lifting the trophies in the different countries.

“So I think there should be a certain stability there. Or at least then improve it.

“But the most boring thing is – if we have the title sponsor trophies on Sunday then that looks super-boring.

“I don’t get the point either because you have the billboards everywhere, why do you need the trophies saying the same thing again?”

Vettel singled out his 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix trophy, a rather plain silver vase for lack of a better description.

“I remember I was happy that we won and then I was disappointed that it was, let’s say, a standard trophy,” he said.

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