Vettel unwilling to share ‘new evidence’

Michelle Foster

Sebastian Vettel unwilling to share 'new evidence'

Sebastian Vettel refused to share what new evidence Ferrari have to support their claim that his Canadian GP penalty was unfair, but unfair is exactly what he believes it was.

Ferrari called for the review of Vettel’s penalty, handed to the German for an unsafe return to the track during his battle with Lewis Hamilton last time out in Montreal.

The stewards hit him a five-second time penalty, which cost him the race win, as well as two penalty points on his superlicence.

But while the Scuderia did not push forward with an appeal, last weekend they wrote to the FIA requesting a review.

As such representatives from Ferrari will face the Canadian Grand Prix stewards on Friday at the Paul Ricard circuit.

Vettel, though, is not saying what new evidence they will bring to the table.

“First thing of all is to open the case again and have another look,” he told the media ahead of the French GP weekend.

“We bring some information that maybe the stewards didn’t have at the time.”

Asked what the new evidence is, he replied: “Ask the team.”

But while the German and Ferrari are hoping to change the opinion of the stewards and have the penalty reversed, Vettel insists his opinion remains the same.

“I still have the same view that I had two weeks ago,” he explained.

“It’s fair enough that you have things that excite you more and less during the course of a grand prix.

“I wasn’t losing my temper, I wasn’t happy but I think I have reason not to be happy.”

As for the debate over whether the outcome would have still been a Hamilton victory even if there wasn’t a penalty, Vettel reckons the penalty did change the shape of race.

He, however, says it didn’t feel from his perspective like Hamilton was backing off and waiting for the penalty to hand him the win.

“It didn’t feel like he was easing off,” Vettel added. “But certainly it changed the race from that point onwards because I don’t know how much Lewis was backing off or not.”

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