Where will the money be placed on the F1 season?

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

Formula One is one of the most followed sports in the world when the season runs from March till November. Fans from all corners of the globe watch intently on a weekly basis to see who emerges with the Grand Prix victory to propel them up the standings in the bid to win the Drivers’ Championship.

Due to its strong level of support, Formula One is also one of the most popular sports for betting. The leading bookmakers offer a great range of betting markets for wagering on Formula One. Whether it is outright bets on the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championship, or to the winner of a Grand Prix there are numerous options available.

We’ll now break down a sound betting strategy for betting on Formula One.

Outright Markets

At the start of the season and during crux points in the campaign you will be drawn to looking at the odds for the Drivers’ Championship. Given that Lewis Hamilton has won the Drivers’ Championship for four seasons on the bounce, there will not be great value to be found for betting on the Mercedes man to triumph. Hamilton’s dominance has affected the outright market, which may turn you away from betting on the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championship at all. It could all change due to the pace of Red Bull and Max Verstappen, although not many people would bet against Hamilton.

Bookmakers have taken Hamilton’s brilliance into account and have started providing markets without him listed. You then can choose from the best of the rest i.e. who will finish behind Hamilton in the Drivers’ Championship standings. Value can be found on several drivers, including Max Verstappen, Valtteri Bottas, and Charles Leclerc. It’s the best way of finding good odds across bookmakers on outright markets until Hamilton decides to call time on his career.

Race Markets

These markets offer more of a chance for bettors to nail selections. There are odds on the fastest drivers in practice, qualifying, and, of course, the race winner and podium finishes. Value can be found even before the start of the race week by lining up who will be first on the grid. It can be a risk to bet before seeing the cars in action, although there will be better prices to be had across the market.

If you opt to wait after the practice sessions, the odds will be reflective of which drivers and teams fared the strongest on the track. The usual suspects of Hamilton, Verstappen, and Bottas will be lingering at the top, although as fans of the sport undoubtedly know, surprises can occur during qualifying sessions such as Lance Stroll’s pole in the 2020 Turkish Grand Prix.

The outright market for the race itself has been ruined by Hamilton. In the majority of races on the calendar, he is the odds-on favourite to win, and, although it does raise the value of the other drivers’ odds, Hamilton more often than not triumphs.

Perhaps the best market to focus on for a Grand Prix is the fastest lap. Four different drivers recorded the fastest lap in the final four races of the 2020 campaign. George Russell, Daniel Ricciardo, Lando Norris, and Verstappen took the plaudits. It highlights the potential value that can be found so pay attention to the odds and performances of drivers seemingly down the grid during practice sessions and qualifying.

How and Where To Bet

The Formula One bookmakers will offer a diverse range of markets and odds that are competitive across the industry. As a bettor, you want a quality product, and the top Formula One betting sites provide comprehensive coverage of the sport in their scope of the market, ensuring that every one of your wagering needs is satisfied.

The leading betting sites and apps provide welcome and loyalty bonuses that will aid your wagers on Formula One, adding a risk-free element to the process. Betting should be a simple process that allows you to deposit funds from a variety of payment methods, before placing your stake on your selected wager. Not all betting sites are equal, and the process for betting on Formula One can be arduous elsewhere, where markets lack depth and odds are not in line with the rest of the industry.

You should be relaxed and ready to enjoy the experience when your bet comes off. The leading betting operators in the business will offer cash-out options on Formula One markets, which will allow you to duck out of a wager at the right time. It’s certainly worth reading up on the bookmakers across the industry to see which one suits your particular need whether it be odds, markets, special features, or bonuses. There are ample options out there.

With these tips and a breakdown of what to look for in the top Formula One betting sites, you should be able to have an enjoyable and perhaps even a fruitful experience of wagering on the sport.