Lewis Hamilton reveals why Angela Cullen left his inner F1 circle

Mark Scott
Lewis Hamilton with Angela Cullen. Austria 2022

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton with Angela Cullen. Austria 2022

Lewis Hamilton has suggested Angela Cullen was ready to say goodbye to the “incredibly challenging role” which comes with the F1 lifestyle.

Cullen had been a part of Hamilton’s inner circle for seven years, but they’ve now gone their separate ways following a shock announcement earlier this month.

Naturally, the speculation and rumour was rife in the immediate aftermath of the announcement as to why the duo had split, but Hamilton has confirmed it was simply a case of Cullen wanting a change of scene after so many days, weeks and months away from family and friends over the years.

“It’s an incredibly challenging role I think for for anyone in those positions,” Hamilton told Sky F1 ahead of the Australian Grand Prix weekend.

“It is a lot of travelling and a lot of time away from your family and you grow incredibly close together.

“If you’re at dinner, during your weekends and while you’re travelling, it’s usually you, your trainer or physio, your family or whatever it may be, it’s incredibly intimate in that sense. And you become great friends.

“Angela is living her life right now. She’s got so many great ideas of things she wants to do.

“We talk and message pretty much every day. We’re still going to go skydiving together and we’re always going to be in each other’s lives. We’re stuck with each other, unfortunately or fortunately!

“We’ve been through thick and thin so I’m grateful our relationship is as good as it is and I think we’ve probably had one of the longest relationships in the sport, so incredibly grateful for her and I love her dearly.”

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As for potential replacements, Hamilton appears to have other solid connections to help him prepare for Grand Prix weekends in future.

He added: “One of the guys I’ve got, for example, is Steve-O, who has been with me since my first race with McLaren and is helping me out, as well as Santi.”

Hamilton’s words on Cullen certainly match up to reality if her Instagram account is anything to go by. She recently shared that she has been on an epic paragliding trip and revealed ambitions of wanting to pilot a F16 jet fighter.