Revealed: Why Fernando Alonso never signed for Red Bull alongside Max Verstappen

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Fernando Alonso looks into the distance with both Max Verstappen and a Red Bull logo alongside him in small circles

Fernando Alonso has spoken with Red Bull in the past

Despite talks with Red Bull, Fernando Alonso was never signed because Helmut Marko does not believe there could’ve been harmony with him at the team.

Fernando Alonso has spoken with Red Bull several times in the past, the most recent conversation said to have taken place earlier this year before he committed his future to Aston Martin.

‘There have been conversations but…’

But while the Spaniard revealed at least one round of talks even went as far as to include Adrian Newey in the conversation, the Alonso-Verstappen partnership never materialised.

And it never will, says Marko.

Marko told’s YouTube channel: “Well, there have been conversations. But as I mentioned before, a harmonious work environment is very important to Max and I think that probably would not have been the case with Alonso.”

He just cannot see a good working relationship between the double World Champion and Red Bull’s triple World Champion as they are very different personalities.

“No, I think it would be very difficult for a team,” said the motorsport advisor. “Alonso would be the oldest World Champion on the team, Max the youngest, and they are generations apart.

“I don’t think Alonso does sim racing or gets into a simulator on a plane right after a Grand Prix. So they are two opposite personalities, both very good drivers and also personalities.

“But when it comes to seeing who is faster neither of them are very modest. And it would be very, very difficult for a team to take that in a positive direction.”

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Did Fernando Alonso doubt Red Bull’s ability to win?

Alonso also missed his opportunity in the pre-Verstappen days with Marko claiming the driver didn’t believe Red Bull had what it would take to win titles.

The team now sits on seven Drivers’ Championship titles and six Constructors’ with more to come this season.

“Well, we were talking to Alonso in the early years of Red Bull Racing,” he added. “I don’t think he thought we were capable of manufacturing cars that could compete to win World Championships. And that didn’t work out.”

Committing his future to Aston Martin back in April, Alonso was asked about his rumoured conversations with Red Bull where he was said to either be in the running to replace Sergio Perez or to replace Verstappen if the Dutchman moved to Mercedes.

He refused to confirm the names of the teams had been speaking with.

“I did speak with other people as well,” he told the including “I think it’s normal when you enter negotiations, you need to balance a little bit what is the market.

“You need to listen to everyone else as well. It’s just a normal procedure, and I think it’s fair to listen to all the proposals and see how the market moves. I don’t know, in my head, Aston was the logical thing for me to do.”

He added: “I will not be specific of which teams I spoke to as I think this is not important now.

“But yeah it’s a normal conversation to have, same for teams, when they are searching for a driver, they touch everyone, just to know their position and their contract situation, even if they are not super interested they always want to know everything and for me it’s the same, but without any clear targets, and first priority was Aston.”

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