Williams are suffering from lack of parts


Robert Kubica has opened the lid further on the issues facing Williams in what is already proving to be a dreary old season.

Kubica was last of the finishers in Melbourne, finishing three laps down on the eventual race winner Valtteri Bottas.

But the Pole said his weekend was compromised just five laps into practice after picking up damage.

And, with a lack of parts at the Williams, that compromise is looming over both himself and Russell every race weekend.

“It’s not an easy situation from the driver point of view because we will be limited with spare parts and everything,” Kubica said in Bahrain.

“Looking at what happened to me in Friday in Australia in FP1 by going on top of one kerb I get a damaged floor and we didn’t have bits to replace it. It affected probably all weekend. It’s something where you have to have a safe approach.”

Although there is a lengthy list of problems at Williams, the entire team are still working as professionally as possible.

“The team is trying to get us the best car we can have to drive,” he added.

“But on the other hand I think in a perfect world you would have fresher parts starting a weekend and having some spare parts in a good state.

“The thing is it’s already a very difficult car to drive – not difficult, but we are lacking the grip. If we are having the parts not at 100 percent we are limiting ourselves as well.

“The situation is not perfect but still the guys and everybody is trying to do their best. We have to do the best with what we have.”

As a result of the lack of spares, Williams are unable to attack the kerbs at race circuits.

He said: “We have this [since] Barcelona that often we are driving with the car which is not up to the best shape it can be.

“This is another factor we’ve got to make sure we get on top of it as soon as possible because also it is putting the driver in a difficult position.

“Because we are talking today but knowing the situation is like it is, you cannot go over the kerbs – or you can go over the kerbs but the risk is the car will fall apart and then you have no parts to fit them.

“It is already lacking performance and we are adding another factor which is complicating our life.

“I know in the factory everybody is working hard.

“We just need a bit more time to fix the second issue but the first I’m not in a position to answer.”

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