Roberts: Dorilton can’t fix Williams like magic

Jamie Woodhouse
Williams PA

Williams increase technical partnership with Mercedes from 2022.

Williams acting team principal Simon Roberts says the team’s new owners Dorilton Capital can’t make all their problems go away like magic.

For the first time Williams’ new board, represented by Dorilton Capital chairman Matthew Savage and CEO Darren Fultz, are watching the team in action as Formula 1 hosts its first Tuscan Grand Prix at Mugello.

Roberts himself has stepped up to the acting team principal role as of this weekend after the Williams family left the team following the Italian Grand Prix.

“They’ve been around in the factory for just over a couple of weeks now so I’ve spent quite a bit of time with them,” Roberts is quoted by

“And we’re looking at all of it, we’re reviewing everything. They’re really interested in what we do.

“This is all new to them, which is great. Quite a lot of similarities, which I haven’t appreciated when you talk to them, about the competitiveness in the financial world, which is something I don’t really understand, and the translation in thinking and strategy and risk and stuff like that.

“All the things that we think we’re great at in Formula 1 they have quite an insight into. There’s quite a lot of synergy there.

“But it’s early days. We’re looking at what do we need to do, what’s the sequence, assuming to the 2021 cost cap, so we have got to be careful.

“Obviously, we operate under the cost cap, so we’ve got a bit more flexibility than other teams. We just want to do the right things and they’re talking really seriously about it.”

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So Williams is very much a long-term project for Dorilton, and Roberts warned that there is no magic wand to fix the team’s problems.

The Grove outfit came out firing at the start of the turbo-hybrid era in 2014, but have spent the past two seasons at the bottom end of the grid.

“This isn’t a quick fix, you don’t just come in and wave your magic wand around,” he said.

“They’re really keen on working with us and establishing what are the right things to do. So very early days. We’ve just gotten the first plans in place.”

As for Dorilton’s presence at the Tuscan Grand Prix, Roberts said it’s simply a case of Matthew Savage and Darren Fultz meeting the team for the first time.

“It’ll be the first time they’ve met the team. It’s just coming to see what we do, start becoming a part of what we do, no more than that,” he explained.

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