Williams’ US owners Dorilton Capital have no intention of making a quick buck

Jamie Woodhouse
Alex Albon heads out in the upgraded Williams FW44. Austria July 2022

Thai-British driver Alex Albon heads out in the upgraded Williams FW44. Austria July 2022

Williams CEO and team principal Jost Capito says owners Dorilton Capital are here for the long-term, rather than chasing a quick profit.

When the Williams family sold their team to American investment firm Dorilton Capital in the summer of 2020, it felt like very much the end of an era, though a necessary sale if Williams were to contend at the front of the Formula 1 grid again.

But, Capito was asked how Dorilton look at Williams, whether they are an investment with the view of generating a profit, or if there is a long-term commitment to the team?

Capito assured that Dorilton are very much set on sticking it out at Williams with the goal of seeing the team fighting at the business end of the grid once more.



Asked by Motorsport-Total.com if Dorilton sees Williams as the destination port, or if there are plans to sell the team on again, Capito replied: “No, Dorilton sees this as the destination port. If you see which teams have been sold … There’s always movement in there.

“But Dorilton’s goal is not to sell at a profit, Dorilton’s goal is to be successful. They want to get the team back to the front and they want Williams to win again. How long that will take, that remains to be seen.

“At the moment, our bosses are fully behind us. After all, we are doing the business plan for the long term. We don’t work month to month, we have long-term plans and they are signed off and, I think, they are realistic. Williams couldn’t have a better owner.”

But, what if the offer was there from a manufacturer? Then would Dorilton be tempted to sell?

The Volkswagen Group intends of entering its Porsche and Audi brands into Formula 1 from 2026, but while Porsche are expected to link-up with Red Bull as new power units are introduced from that season, Audi’s plans are less clear.

It is believed that Audi could link-up with an existing team, the likes of McLaren, Aston Martin, Sauber and indeed Williams also mentioned as potential targets.

Capito accepts there are benefits for a team joining forces with a manufacturer, but stressed that it can be problematic if Formula 1 is then no longer the core of the business interest.

“An OEM is probably always good for a team, but under certain conditions. It all depends,” said Capito.

“Something like that can give a boost to the team, but I think the team still has to be core Formula 1 business. And if a manufacturer takes over completely, then it’s not necessarily core business Formula 1, but then it’s something you can switch on and off. And that’s where you have to weigh it up.

“The situation is also different for every team. For us it’s very clear: Dorilton doesn’t want to sell. And we think it’s better for the team not to sell than to become a manufacturer.”