Schumacher fears for Haas and Williams’ future

Mark Scott
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Ralf Schumacher has singled out Haas and Williams as the teams he thinks will struggle the most during the worldwide lockdown.

With no Formula 1 racing, teams are losing up to as much as $2million per race and some teams will be feeling the pinch more than others.

Schumacher fears the two teams who will feel it the most are Haas and Williams, but he also feels the ongoing global pandemic could also lead to the loss of another big name.

“If the season doesn’t start, I don’t know how Williams can survive,” Schumacher said in an interview with Bild.

“Or Haas, who as Americans tend to work according to the ‘hire and fire’ principle.

“So it may well be that in the crisis they say they will leave Formula 1. By the way, I don’t just see problems for the small teams.

“I believe there is a possibility that they [Mercedes] could leave Formula 1 due to the crisis at the end of the year.

“We had that with BMW over ten years ago. The possibility is always there although I think that due to Mercedes’ successes of recent years, I don’t think getting out of F1 will be the first step for them.

One solution put forward and championed by the likes of Ferrari and Red Bull is the introduction of customer cars. That proposal is one that Schumacher would welcome as it would help those struggling the most in their time of need.

“A brilliant idea,” he declared.

“A team like Williams would be a lot further ahead if they just bought a Red Bull instead of trying to build their own car. It would also cost them less money.”

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