Williams reveal four new Gulf Oil-inspired liveries for F1 fans to vote on

Jamie Woodhouse
The Williams logo on its motorhome. Imola April 2022.

The Williams logo on its motorhome. Imola April 2022.

Formula 1’s next Gulf Oil-inspired livery is coming for a three-race stint starting from Singapore, but Williams need your help to choose which one.

When Gulf made the swap from McLaren to Williams for F1 2023, the sponsor teased a next stage of its one-off livery takeovers which went down so well at the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix with McLaren.

And that tease has turned into reality, though we do not know yet which livery will be selected. That is where you come in.

Four potential designs have been revealed, and now a public vote will take place to determine which of those will be used by Williams at the Singapore, Japanese and Qatar GPs.

Let’s take a closer look then at the options on the table…


This is the design which as closely resembles the McLaren-Gulf livery from the 2021 Monaco GP, Heritage being a nod to the brand’s racing past alongside Ford and Porsche, with three Le Mans victories among the list of accomplishments.

Williams Gulf Heritage livery concept.
Williams Gulf Heritage livery concept.


The Contemporary livery holds many similarities to the Heritage, though gives it something of a modern twist, and arguably a more rugged feel.

Williams Gulf Contemporary livery.
Williams Gulf Contemporary livery.

Bolder Than Bold

Or perhaps the Bolder Than Bold approach is the one you fancy?

This version once more takes heavy inspiration from those traditional Gulf colours, though with a darker shade of blue the standout feature.

Williams Gulf Bolder Than Bold Livery.
Williams Gulf Bolder Than Bold Livery.


Now we start to move into more Williams-Gulf hybrid territory for the final option.

In the Visionary livery, the light blue and orange of Gulf meets with the blue tones of the traditional Williams liveries.

Williams Gulf Visionary livery.
Williams Gulf Visionary livery.

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Williams driver Alex Albon has given his take on which livery he would like to see chosen, and he settled on the Heritage.

“The Heritage for me is great,” he stated. “I’m a simple man, I like clean lines.

“I used to like the business, even race helmets I used when I was a young kid I used to love all the swivels and the gradient changes and all this kind of thing.

“And I’ve transitioned to basically a monotone helmet. I’ve matured!”

And Albon’s team boss James Vowles may well be in the same boat too as he is a sucker for the classic Gulf look.

“That’s an era that I look back to in motorsport as being just an excellent time,” he said. “It’s about racing more than anything else. And the Gulf livery, the GT40 and Porsche after that, is just iconic.

“And so to be partnered up with Gulf, and have the opportunity to do exactly the same thing with Williams, I’m excited by that.

“It just represents our sport. It represents our history. And we have two brands with immense legacy coming together. I think that’s why the colours work. It’s not the colours themselves, it’s the nature of the legacy that they have behind them.”

It is ultimately the public though who decides which design makes the cut, and you can vote here.