Williams hurt by closer ties with midfield teams

Williams hurt by closer ties with midfield teams

Williams hurt by closer ties with midfield teams

Williams deputy team principal Claire Williams believes the increase in closer ties between Formula 1 teams contributed to their poor 2018.

After a resurgence following the dawn of the turbo-hybrid era in 2014, which included 15 podiums by 2017, the team tailed off dramatically, finishing bottom of the 2018 Constructors’ Championship.

Speaking at the launch of her team’s new livery and title sponsorship with ROKiT, Williams claimed the growth in collaborations between teams was a major factor in the decline, but that under current regulations there is nothing underhanded going on.

Speaking via Autosport, she said: “It’s not easy currently with the way the regulations are for truly independent constructors to compete.

“That probably was one of the reasons we slipped back to P10 last year, based on the work going on between certain teams.

“However, that falls within the existing regulations.

“One of the reasons we’re so supportive of the work the FIA and FOM are doing at the moment is in order to rebuild the parts list.

“We’re very much advocates of that.

“We know that will change the landscape of F1 in 2021 and beyond to enable teams like our teams.

“We’re incredibly proud of the fact we’re true constructors in the sense we make all of our race cars in-house ourselves.

“Personally, that’s the DNA of F1. It shouldn’t be diluted by a diluted listed parts list.

“I’m very much looking forward to that change coming on board.”

Listed parts refers to components teams must produce themselves, whereas non-listed parts can be sourced from other teams – Haas and Ferrari’s relationship along with Toro Rosso and Red Bull’s closer ties for 2019 serve as examples.

Ferrari are also expected to move closer to the re-branded Alfa Romeo team.

Liberty Media are known to be keen on addressing the growth of so-called ‘b teams’, believing bigger teams could use them to avoid their desired budget cap.

Williams also admitted though, that in the short term her team could make better use of what they have.

“We have some great resources,” she explained.

“We have two fabulous wind tunnels.

“We’ve got great capability at Williams and we need to make sure we’re using it in the right way.”

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