Williams’ Capito unhappy with disparity between F1 teams

Maria Bright
Williams boss Jost Capito is interviewed. Barcelona February 2022.

Jost Capito is interviewed by reporters during pre-season running. Barcelona February 2022.

Team principal of Williams, Jost Capito, says that despite the spending cap, the disparity between F1 teams is still too big.

For the past eight years, the grid has been predominantly dominated by Mercedes with them winning eight Constructors’ Championships.

Bahrain pre-season testing begins tomorrow, where the true colours of the teams will show.

And going into the second season with the cost cap in force, Capito hopes to see the grid converge in the coming years.

Talking to GPFans, Capito said: “We will see [the pecking order] in Bahrain I would say. It is a start from scratch for everybody, but we are happy the cost cap is in place.

“I know we are into the second year of the cost cap but I think the big teams still have an advantage over the small teams and the balance of the cost cap will come throughout the years… But it is great to see all the cars being so different and still being so close.”

F1 is becoming more and more a strategy game, which is why the FIA have changed up the rules to try and make the racing more close and thus more entertaining.

Speaking on this matter, Capito now believes that the sport is all about efficiency, and who can do the best job with their car to achieve it.

“It’s all about efficiency now…We have the cost cap and you have to do the maximum out of the cost cap,” he said.

“That means you have to be able to do the best possible developments throughout the year and again for next year’s cars.

“Having this in mind, that all the money you don’t spend somewhere else you can put into the development, is the most important thing and F1 then becomes an efficiency race.”


The 2022 Formula 1 season is currently formed of 22 rounds, following the axing of the Russian Grand Prix.


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