‘Williams, McLaren have been left in the void’

'Williams, McLaren have been left in the void'

'Williams, McLaren have been left in the void'

With F1 shifting towards a divide between works and B-teams, Martin Brundle fears former champions Williams and McLaren have been left in the “void.”

Neither Williams nor McLaren have won a grand prix since 2012 while Williams last World title was back in 1997 and McLaren’s in 2008.

Chopping and changing between engine manufacturers, Williams enter 2019 as a Mercedes customer while McLaren are running Renault engines.

But while neither is a works team, nor are they heading towards today’s B-team model, standing firm in their desire to remain independent.

That, former racer turned commentator Brundle, says is costing them.

Speaking at the Autosport International Show, he explained: “The problem with Williams and to an extent McLaren is they are outside where you need to be these days in Formula 1.

“You either need to be a manufacturer team or a Haas and Toro Rosso-style B-team with the hand-me-downs.

“That leaves a void in the middle where Williams and McLaren find themselves because they’re not works teams and they’re certainly not B-teams.

“Let’s wait and see if that works for them. I hope it does, in a way.

“But it’s tough for them when they’re fighting a team like Haas, that has a completely different business model, and they’re getting a lot of stuff from Ferrari and Dallara.”

Brundle added that Formula 1’s new owners Liberty Media need to put into place a set of rules that works for everyone; the manufacturers, the B-teams and the independents.

“I don’t want to see the back of Haas, or teams like that,” he added.

“We’ve only got 20 cars on the grid. You’ve got to look after your maverick billionaires, you’ve got to look after your manufacturers as well.

“There’s got to be something for everybody.

“I’d imagine [F1 sporting boss] Ross Brawn is fighting over this very morning and every other morning and afternoon trying to somehow find a template for the future of Formula 1.”