Williams: Racing Point model ‘wouldn’t work’ for us

Jamie Woodhouse
Racing Point's 2020 model wouldn't work for Williams.

Racing Point's 2020 model wouldn't work for Williams.

Williams deputy team principal Claire Williams believes Racing Point’s 2020 model “wouldn’t work” for her team.

Racing Point were the first major talking point of the 2020 season when they showed up for pre-season testing with an RP20 that rival teams claimed was just a copy of Mercedes’ W10 which took them to the 2019 Drivers’ and Constructors’ titles.

The ‘pink Mercedes‘ looked quick in Barcelona, and logic would dictate that this could be a model suitable for Williams to help claw themselves back into the midfield fight, since they are a Mercedes customer like Racing Point.

But, Claire Williams was clear that while she had no issues with Racing Point’s approach, she believes it “wouldn’t work” for Williams.

“First of all – I would never denounce another team for its actions as long as it is within the rules, and that is true of Racing Point,” she told Speedweek.com.

“It is absolutely up to them what kind of vehicle they want to compete in a Grand Prix.

“But we are proud to be an independent designer, we make our own car, and we will not deviate from that in the future.

“If this concept for Racing Point comes to life, it would be nice for them, but it wouldn’t have worked for us. So we continue on the way we have done so far.”

Claire Williams was under no illusions though that 2020 is a “critical” year after two seasons adrift at the back for the nine-time Constructors’ champions.

“It’s a critical year because we’ve had two bad years and Williams isn’t in Formula One to race around at the back of the grid. We’re here because we want to race the competition,” she told Reuters.

“Having a third (bad) year and to subject our team personnel to a third year of racing around by ourselves at the back of the grid is going to take its toll. And we don’t want that to happen.

“For our pride and for our self-respect we can’t allow that. This is one of the most fabled and storied teams in Formula One and we want to see it back where we know that it can get to.”

Going into the new campaign Claire Williams says the team spirit is higher than she has ever seen before.

“It’s really been no stone left unturned to look at what we’re doing. You can sense the difference in the team,” she explained.

“You can sense the greater level of communication amongst all the areas, the departments.

“The spirit has always been there but it’s there more than I have ever seen it before and everybody is working incredibly hard to make sure we deliver performance.

“I always knew last year that I was in a position to drive change. And I wasn’t about to give up.

“Us Williamses are a bunch of fighters and we don’t give up that easily.”

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