Williams wants less races, not more

Michelle Foster
Claire Williams PA


F1 is set to increase to a 22-race calendar for next season, however, Claire Williams has revealed she’s not in favour, she instead wants fewer races.

Next season Formula 1 will race at two new venues, Holland and Vietnam, with Germany and Spain expected to fall off the calendar.

The latter, though, has been granted a year’s reprieve with the Catalan government giving the go-ahead to a one-year extension.

However, in order to Liberty Media to do that deal, the teams had to agree to a 22-race calendar which, according to Toto Wolff, they have done.

Williams, though, admits she’d rather the sport have fewer races.

“As long as we keep a cap on the number of races, 21 is about the maximum number in my opinion,” the Williams deputy team principal said. “Personally, I would like to see fewer races because you take down supply and increase demand, that’s basic economics.

“It’s the same for racing almost. You put too many events on the calendar and it’s a lot for people to consume when there’s so much competition in the market when it comes to other sporting events or other media etc.

“The other consideration is personnel. If you increase the number of races, (there’s) the pressure that that puts on your team from a performance perspective and what they’re capable of doing.

“How often do they want to be away, a work/life balance is difficult. But with smaller teams, like ours, with smaller budgets, it’s difficult to think about how we manage a calendar with north of 21 races on it.”

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