Williams will ‘keep going’ with 2018 car

Date published: July 16 2018

Lance Stroll

Williams are not willing to write off this year’s championship with Paddy Lowe saying they will “just keep going” with their underperforming FW41.

Williams have had a wretched start to this year’s campaign, scoring just four points in 10 races thanks to Lance Stroll’s P8 in Baku.

That, however, was a race that last year they finished on the podium.

Their 2018 car, the FW41, has come in criticism from all quarters with reserve driver Robert Kubica calling it “embarassing.”

Williams, though, will perserve with developing the car with an eye on 2019.

“You move more and more of your effort to things that are relevant year in year out,” Williams chief technical officer Lowe said.

“Even on the current car you just work more and more on things that are relevant to next year.

“It doesn’t mean you stop doing anything because you can work on things with the current car that are just as relevant this year as next year.

“I think we’ll just keep doing the best we can with this car — we’ll keep making steps and we’ll migrate those steps to be more and more purely relevant to next year, rather than things that are only relevant to this car.”