Wolff: 2019 rules could shake up the grid

Toto Wolff: 2019 rules could shake up the grid

Toto Wolff: 2019 rules could shake up the grid

Red Bull and Honda could challenge next season with Toto Wolff predicting a shake-up in light of next year’s new aerodynamic regulations.

Next season Formula 1 will introduce several new rules aiming at improving overtaking.

These include simplified front wing that have a larger span, front brake ducts without winglet as well as a deeper and wider rear wing.

Aside from improving overtaking, many are hoping it will also have an impact on the standings with more than two teams fighting for the World title.

Wolff reckons Red Bull could join the party.

The Mercedes motorsport boss told Sky F1: “It could well be because we’ve seen there is no pattern anymore.

“There is not one team that dominates one kind of circuit or performs well, it has changed.

“Honda’s engine is certainly very powerful and Red Bull are a good group of racers.

“But I think the biggest impact will be the completely new aerodynamic regulations.

“Somebody might find a loophole or an innovation or understands the car earlier than others.

“So I think there is a big, big barrier in those new regulations next year and you could even have teams being right up there that are not on the radar today.”

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