Wolff backs decision to cancel standard gearboxes

Michelle Foster
Toto Wolff Mercedes

Toto Wolff backs decision to cancel standard gearboxes

Toto Wolff has backed the FIA’s decision to scrap standard gearboxes but insists Mercedes are “open-minded” to cutting costs when it comes to non-performance parts.

Earlier this year the FIA announced plans to introduced standard gearbox cassettes from 2021 and even went as far as to issue an invitation to tender.

“The aim of single source supply is to retain current levels of F1 gear change performance for all cars at a much reduced cost to the competitors while also removing the requirement for teams to design or source their own gearboxes,” read the statement back in February.

Three months later, motorsport’s governing body scrapped their plans, stating that “analysis revealed that similar financial savings could be made by means other than the specification of a single supplier.”

Mercedes motorsport boss Wolff has backed the decision but insists his team is open to reducing costs, as long as it relates to “non-performance” parts.

“I think in non-performance parts, where we can really save a lot of money, we should aim for that,” Wolff told RaceFans.net.

“If there is no saving, just complexity, and risk of reliability and failure, then we shouldn’t be following those rules. So from that principle, I am onboard.

“You have to question whether somebody else is in-between an independent supplier, that company would need to make a margin, produce a product cheaper than us with the same specifications and that sounds a little bit of tricky.

“From a Mercedes standpoint we are open-minded to reduce costs and if there is a possibility for certain non-performance parts, we are for it.”

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