Wolff: Ferrari, Mercedes fight good for F1


Although Toto Wolff admits it feels “s**t” losing to Ferrari, he acknowledges that a battle between the Scuderia and Mercedes is “good” for Formula 1.

Three races into this year’s campaign and it is clear that Mercedes have a fight on their hands.

Ferrari have won two races, Australia and Bahrain, to Mercedes’ one given the Italian marque the lead in both championships.

That is not something Mercedes have had to deal with in recent times as they have dominated the V6 era.

Wolff, though, concedes it is good for F1.

“Losing make you feel much worse, wining makes you feel great,” he said.

“At this moment it feels really wrong but bouncing back and winning feels even better.

“For Formula One it is good there is a fight between Ferrari and Mercedes, we have to see it as sportsmen.

“We have a fight that is on and that is how it is even though it feels shit right now.”

Added to that, this season Mercedes are facing a different situation as instead of an intra-team battle, they are having to fight an outside foe in Ferrari.

Wolff, though, is confident the Brackley squad will rise to the challenge.

“In the last three years we had an internal fight of course you set your mindset in that direction and this is a new situation which I’m sure the team will handle well,” he said.

“I’m seeing positives, change of regulations, and we’re in the fight for race wins and we’re in the fight for the titles at the moment you can say that, but I think there’s just generally good news.”