Wolff won’t stop Hamilton sky diving or surfing



Toto Wolff may worry about Lewis Hamilton’s activities outside of F1 but he won’t stop his driver from sky diving, surfing or testing Superbikes as that is what he enjoys.

During Formula 1’s off-season, Hamilton took to social media to document his holiday exploits.

Not only did the five-time F1 World Champion take surf lessons with Kelly Slater but he also tested a Superbike at Jerez, suffering a minor crash in the process.

However, his activities didn’t stop there as Hamilton took up sky diving.

“This is my fav thing to do currently,” he wrote on Instagram. “The reason I sky dive is I love that there are really no limits in free fall.

“It’s incredible to just let your mind free, remove all doubt and any insecurities you may be feeling in life and jump.”

His Mercedes team boss Wolff admits that while his worries about his star driver’s daredevil antics, they bring out the best in Hamilton.

“Of course I’m always worried, and we had a laugh last year because I couldn’t get hold of him and couldn’t get hold of my chief strategist and one of the race engineers – and found out they were racing motorbikes in Jerez and nobody would pick up the phone,” Wolff said.

“They were a bit apologetic. But Lewis is not 18 or 19 anymore. He’s a five-time World Champion. He knows exactly what works for him and what doesn’t.

“All these activities, in my experience, are not a negative distraction but on the other hand something that he enjoys that he enjoys doing.

“Some things are just a hobby: like sports; others are more of a passion, like the fashion business and every time he’s able to decompress from motor racing, he comes back stronger.”

He added: “We mustn’t be judgemental. Some people go on a meditation seminar to India. Others do sky diving. Others are out for the ladies. Let’s accept how everybody is.

“He is justified and has shown that he is one of the best out there.”