Work to be done, but ‘so far so good’ for Zandvoort

Shahida Jacobs
Zandvoort Circuit home of Dutch Grand Prix

Jan Lammers reiterates Dutch Grand Prix can only return with fans.

The FIA is yet to give Zandvoort “formal approval” ahead of its return to F1, but Dutch GP boss Jan Lammers is confident the track will be given the green light, adding the race will be “an absolute festival”.

After a 35-year absence, Zandvoort will be back on the Formula 1 calendar next year with the grand prix pencilled in for the weekend of May 3.

Naturally the circuit needs to undergo changes in order to be given permission from motorsport’s governing body, but Lammers is not concerned.

“There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are working hard on that,” he told

“And just like Max [Verstappen] doesn’t wonder if he can handle a grand prix, we think we can handle all the work. So I think we’re going to surprise a lot of people with the actual event next year.

“At the end of September you will see a lot of action here already. And at the beginning of October this will continue, so before we set up the Christmas tree a lot of work has already been done.

“All the plans are ready and from an architectural point of view it is something that our partners can easily carry out with their expertise. So next year at this time there will be a beautiful circuit here.”

He added: “The FIA has yet to give its formal approval. But of course the FOM has a lot of experience with the FIA. So if they approve it and then submit it to the FIA, you can assume that the rest is a formality. We know the framework set by the FIA.”

Zandvoort also faces some environmental challenges, but they are confident they will “become the most sustainable grand prix” with Lammers explaining that everything is on track to turn it into a unique race.

“I think it is going very well, we are satisfied with the way things are going. Everything that happens at the moment still falls within the framework of the controllable. Of course, you can’t know everything in advance, but we try to be as prepared as possible,” he said.

“And sometimes if you have a disability, it leads to creativity. For example, we have a disability with our access roads, but that leads to creativity. So our goal is to become the most sustainable grand prix of the calendar [with a plan to get people to the circuit by bike].

“Having said that, we are of course dealing with a municipality, province and government that are confronted with a grand prix they haven’t hosted for the last 35 years. So everyone is confronted with challenges and has to get used to it again.

“But then you just have to treat everyone’s agenda and responsibilities with respect. All of this is still going according to plan. So far so good. We don’t think lightly about it at all, but I have every confidence that we will experience a unique grand prix here. It will be an absolute festival.”

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