Yuki Tsunoda issues fresh update on Red Bull F1 future amid Aston Martin speculation

Jamie Woodhouse
Yuki Tsunoda in Imola

Yuki Tsunoda has driven for the Red Bull second team since 2021.

Yuki Tsunoda has no “strong feeling” that he wants to leave Red Bull’s second team RB, though as Aston Martin speculation continues he was not closing the door on it.

Tsunoda is enjoying a breakout season at RB, improving his points tally to 15 after claiming a P10 finish at Imola, his team’s home race, which marked his fourth top-10 result across the last five rounds.

Could Yuki Tsunoda leave Red Bull for Aston Martin?

Such form has seen Tsunoda mentioned as a possible candidate to step up to the main Red Bull team for 2025, though the Honda-backed driver is also being linked to Aston Martin, the team which the Japanese manufacturer will switch to for 2026 when the new generation of Formula 1 power units are introduced.

Tsunoda was quizzed on those rumours by Channel 4 and while he spoke of a sense of “loyalty” to Red Bull, he also acknowledged Honda’s role in getting him this opportunity.

“I mean to be honest, RB is performing so far very well, so obviously, there’s not much I would say strong feeling that I want to get out,” said Tsunoda.

“But see how it goes. Obviously at the same time, a lot of things going around, but I’ve been in the Red Bull family a long time, so I have quite a lot of loyalty and obviously Honda helped me a lot to get into here.

“I love this team, you know, the Italian culture, they’re all funny. But yeah, if I have to see options, still it’s welcome.”

A standout feature of Tsunoda’s improvement in F1 2024 has been the introduction of a more calm and collected persona, as opposed to the fiery radio outbursts and on-the-edge approach on track seen in the past, even as recently as the very early stages of F1 2024.

Tsunoda agreed that his “self-control” has come on leaps and bounds, which has made him a more consistent driver.

Told that he looks so comfortable this year, Tsunoda replied: “Yeah, for sure the car performance this year is very well, so that helped me to be able to feel more comfortable, feeling more confidence, but also from myself, able to step up a little bit.

“Especially self-control, to be honest. Normally, especially for example when I was stuck behind Williams, probably two years ago, I was pressing the radio and lose my control, but this year able to be consistent and stick [to] what I’m doing, so that helps for sure with my consistent performance.”

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Tsunoda was able to pull off the one-stop strategy to snatch a point at Imola, the fact that the result came on home turf for RB just adding to the occasion.

Put to him that he had to work hard for that point, Tsunoda replied: “Yeah definitely, with around 50 laps with the hard tyre, it wasn’t easy.

“To be honest, I thought it was going to be two stops, so sticking with a one-stop was I thought going to be very tough, but we managed well, so very happy that we’re able to score points, especially in a home grand prix and especially people who are coming from the factory today. It’s a lot, so yeah very happy.”

And if RB can continue on this trajectory, then Tsunoda believes they could ultimately challenge the team he is being linked with, Aston Martin having introduced a heavily-upgraded AMR24 to no avail at Imola.

To the suggestion things are going well for him, Tsunoda said: “Yeah, for sure. I mean, I don’t feel like I’m able to score points like five races in a row, but I guess I probably keep resetting myself every time and keep my mind sharp.

“But the good thing is I’m scoring consistently for the team and also that will help for the team confidence for the coming races. So just keep doing what we’re doing and more races maybe, hopefully we can fight against Aston at one point.”

RB sit P6 in the Constructors’ Championship and 24 points behind Aston Martin.

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