Yuki Tsunoda shares crucial contract detail after signing new Red Bull deal

Thomas Maher
Yuki Tsunoda, RB, 2024 Canadian Grand Prix.

Yuki Tsunoda has opened up on some of the details of his new RB contract extension.

Yuki Tsunoda has said he’s welcoming the pressure of needing to perform in order to secure a contract extension beyond 2025.

The Japanese driver was announced as staying with the Visa Cash App RB team ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, with the Red Bull sister team opting to take up its option on Tsunoda to keep him onboard for 2025.

RB secure Yuki Tsunoda’s future

Yuki Tsunoda had been a potentially big player on the F1 2025 driver market as Red Bull’s second cockpit remained unconfirmed. But, despite Tsunoda’s great start to 2024 in which he has comprehensively had the measure of Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull opted to stick with Sergio Perez on a new two-year contract.

Just days later, Tsunoda’s future was also confirmed – he’ll stay with RB for 2025 for what will be his fifth season in Formula 1, all of which have been with the Red Bull sister team.

Asked about his new contract over the course of the Canadian Grand Prix weekend, having his future certain for another 12 months means Tsunoda said he can feel calmer about his immediate prospects in the sport.

“One thing is that it cleans up my mind,” he told media in Montreal.

“VCARB is performing well and this is a team at which I’m scoring points a lot. It’d be sad to go to another team, when VCARB has ended up in a nice position.”

Tsunoda’s backing from Red Bull has primarily been as a result of their engine supply deal with Honda, with Tsunoda a product of the Japanese manufacturer’s own driver programme.

But, with Red Bull and Honda parting ways at the end of 2025 as Aston Martin take over the Honda partnership with Red Bull forging its own path, Tsunoda said the only way to ensure his future with Red Bull is to continue performing at a high level.

“No, but…I’ll keep performing,” he said, when asked if he’s had any assurances about 2026.

“It is tricky. But I’ve got used to it. Maybe it’s good to train the pressure, you know? In the end, in Formula 1, you want to be world champion, you need to deal with pressure and, anyway, you always have to be the best.

“There are still a lot of things I can improve for myself, so it’s OK.

“Red Bull and Honda have been part of my career and me and Red Bull are aligned on the current situation for myself and for the future so I’ll just keep focusing what I’m doing and I’m very happy to be able to support this team for this big project.”

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With Tsunoda finding much-improved maturity to combine with his impressive speed and consistent race performances, RB team boss Laurent Mekies spoke after the signing that the team and driver are both continuing to figure out ways to improve their collaboration.

“I watched Yuki’s progress in Formula 1 with interest even before I returned to Faenza and it’s been impressive, year after year,” Mekies said.

“The step up he has made this year is simply phenomenal, and he keeps surprising us all, race after race. There’s no doubting his natural speed to which he has now added a much more mature approach and this combination makes him a very quick and consistent performer, and a great team player.

“We continue to get a better understanding of what he needs from us and vice versa, so we are progressing together, Yuki as a driver and the team, as Visa Cash App RB. We share the same ambitions, so there are several good reasons to continue our journey together. He still has a lot to give!”

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