Brown: IndyCar and F1 can share TV ideas

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Zak Brown McLaren PA

Zak Brown feels F1 and IndyCar can learn from each other on TV coverage.

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown feels Formula 1 and IndyCar can learn from each other when it comes to TV coverage.

Formula 1 certainly has not stood still when it comes to trying to enhance the viewing experience for their audience.

In recent years data graphics have become a key part of broadcasts, while radio between the FIA and teams is now being played out on the TV feed.

However, there was plenty of criticism aimed at the television coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix where several key moments of the race weekend were missed, including some very poor choices of timing when cutting away to a different camera.

The world feed goes out to the various global broadcasters (although for Monaco, the ACM were in charge of the broadcast) , and Brown believes that the TV coverage of Formula 1 is actually very strong, praising the work that Sky do.

That being said, he believes there are areas in both the IndyCar and Formula 1 coverage which could be improved by taking an idea from the other.

“If you look at Sky’s Formula One broadcasts and see how they tell the story through data – quite frankly, an IndyCar race is often more spectacular – and then when you see how Formula One can show that a Formula One weekend is also very exciting, the broadcasts make it a pretty exciting story,” he told

“I think there’s still room for improvement [for IndyCar].

“At the same time, there are things like the helmet camera [in IndyCar], which is really fantastic and which Formula 1 should also adopt. So I’m in the privileged position of seeing both and I think both sides need to learn from each other.”

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Brown said that he was recently watching IndyCar with McLaren F1 driver Lando Norris and Sky F1 commentator Martin Brundle.

With five different winners in the opening five races there can be no criticism of the racing quality, and Brown is enjoying the commentary work, but he returned to the idea of IndyCar needing more data incorporated into the broadcasts.

“If you look at where the sport can still make progress, I think that the way in which the story is told can be improved by means of more data,” he explained.

“I watched the last race with Lando [Norris] and Martin Brundle. The commentators are doing great, the quality of the broadcast is great, the same goes for the racing itself. But it does lack a bit of data.”

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