Zak Brown: ‘It’s nice to see Red Bull copying some of our stuff!’

Sam Cooper
McLaren CEO Zak Brown. Spa August 2022.

Zak Brown smiles while walking through the paddock. Belgium August 2022.

Zak Brown has joked that it is nice to see Red Bull copying them at least when it comes to one-off liveries.

McLaren have built a reputation over recent years as a team willing to change up the look of their car to commemorate special occasions.

Earlier this year, they celebrated their Triple Crown history by producing three liveries for their F1 team and their IndyCar outfit over the Monaco and Indy 500 weekend.

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That livery tradition continued on Monday when they unveiled a throwback chrome design as a nod to their cars of the late 2000s and early 2010s ahead of this weekend’s British Grand Prix.

They are not the only team to experiment with new designs this year as Red Bull ran the first of three US liveries at the Miami Grand Prix, although it was not a significant departure from their usual colour scheme.

CEO Brown joked that while everyone was trying to copy their design, it was nice to see Red Bull take something from McLaren.

“I think we’re seeing more teams do it now, right?” Brown told media including during the livery launch. “Red Bull did something earlier this year.

“So while everyone’s trying to copy their car, it’s nice to see they’re copying some of the stuff that we’re doing!

“I think it’s great for the fans and I think you do want to keep it on a limited basis otherwise it loses its uniqueness and specialness. I kind of think there should be a reason behind each one.” recommends

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As well as Red Bull’s livery, another change in Miami was the driver introductions and while not everyone was a fan, Brown said it was “how the US does sport.”

“I also like how Formula 1 has so many different cultures,” Brown said. “I know like in Miami, not everyone was a fan of the introduction but that’s how the US does sport.

“I think it’s great to kind of grab the culture from all these different venues that we race at. But there are limitations on how often you can do this and to what degree so I do think Formula 1 has struck the right balance on the frequency and the degree in which we’re allowed to do this.”