Torquing Point: The 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Date published: June 7 2021 - Finley Crebolder

As far as races go, few require more discussion than those that take place in Baku, and that was the case again this year.

Finley and Henry start off the latest episode of Torquing Point by taking a look at the fight at the front between Red Bull and Mercedes.

For the first time this year, Sergio Perez got himself right in the mix of it, and while it was issues for his rivals that handed him the win, he drove well enough to deserve it, holding his own against Lewis Hamilton all day. Given how good he looked, you can’t help but wonder: is this the start of his career as a top driver who can regularly challenge for victories?

As for Hamilton and Max Verstappen, they both ended up leaving Baku with zero points added to their tally, but which of them does the 0-0 draw benefit more in the context of the title fight, and who will be rueing their ultimately poor result? One thing’s for sure, neither will feel quite as bad as Valtteri Bottas after his disaster of a weekend.

Hamilton’s and Verstappen’s losses were Sebastian Vettel’s and Pierre Gasly’s gains as they both claimed their first podiums of the season with excellent performances. Looking at his last two races, it’s hard not to think that the old Vettel is back, and looking at his last two years as a whole, it’s hard not to wish that Gasly could be given a top seat already.

Vettel wasn’t the only older head to impress in the City of Wind as, not for the first time, Fernando Alonso also did so, thanks in large part to a stunning last few laps. The efforts of the Spaniard are applauded before the improved but less impressive display of another man who has impressed at the track in the past, Daniel Ricciardo, is discussed.

The fortunes of Yuki Tsunoda and the clash between the Haas boys are also looked at, and the PF1 team then wrap things up by trying their very best to get excited about the next race, the French Grand Prix.

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