F1 Quizzes

Aerial view of the Hungaroring. July 2022.
F1 quiz: Name the grid for the 1998 Hungarian Grand Prix
Can you name all 21 drivers that lined up for the 1998 Hungarian Grand Prix?
Michael Schumacher races at the Brazilian Grand Prix. 2004 Interlagios
Sam Cooper
F1 quiz: Can you name every driver from the 2004 season?
10 minutes on the clock to name 25 drivers in this F1 quiz, can you do it?
Sportword, F1 Wordle logo.
Sportword: Play daily F1 word game on Planet Sport
We just had to make a Formula One version, didn't we?
The start line at the Hungaroring. Hungary, July 2016.
F1 quiz: Name the grid from the 1994 Hungarian Grand Prix
Time to travel back to the 1994 Hungarian Grand Prix for this particular F1 quiz..
F1 quiz - Name F1 race winners from 2000 to 2009.
F1 quiz: Name every F1 race winner from 2000 to 2009 seasons
Reckon your F1 2000s knowledge is up to scratch? Prove it with this F1 quiz!
A view of the wet Nurburgring. Germany, October 2020.
Jamie Woodhouse
Guess the Grid: 2007 European Grand Prix
Your next F1 quiz tasks you with naming the drivers who started the 2007 European Grand Prix.
Williams F1 1996 season.
Sam Cooper
F1 Quiz: Can you name all the tracks featured in Williams’ title-winning 1996 season?
Eight minutes on the clock and 16 tracks to name, can you be as dominant as Williams?
Sebastian Vettel celebrates victory in the German GP. Nurburgring July 2013.
Jamie Woodhouse
F1 quiz: Name all 13 of Sebastian Vettel’s victories in 2013
Your latest F1 quiz challenges you to name all of the 13 races won by Sebastian Vettel in his 2013 title-winning year.
The starting grid for the 1987 Hungarian Grand Prix.
Guess the Grid: Can you name the starting grid from the 1987 Hungarian Grand Prix?
Can you name the top 12 starters on the grid for the 1987 Hungarian Grand Prix?
Nigel Mansell, Williams
Sam Cooper
F1 Quiz: Name every podium finish in Nigel Mansell’s 1992 title-winning season
10 minutes to name every 1992 podium for Nigel Mansell, can you manage it?