F1 Quizzes

Michael Schumacher at the 2000 Japanese Grand Prix. Suzuka F1 quiz.
Henry Valantine
F1 quiz: Guess the Grid: 2000 Australian Grand Prix
It's time to get your brain whirring again, and we've prepared this F1 quiz based on the grid of the first 21st Century race in the sport.
McLaren driver Lando Norris during Canadian Grand Prix. Montreal, June 2022.
Sam Cooper
Lando Norris quiz: How well do you know the McLaren man?
Do you know your Lando Norris from your Lando Calrissian?
Sportword, F1 Wordle logo.
Sportword: Play our daily F1 word game on Planet Sport
We just had to make a Formula One version, didn't we?
Max Verstappen in qualifying. Zandvoort September 2022.
Max Verstappen quiz: How well do you know the two-time World Champion?
Test yourself with this Max Verstappen quiz. Can you become a member of the Super Max club?

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