F1 Quiz: 10 oldest pole-sitters in Formula 1 history

Johnnie Victoria
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The term “ageing like a fine wine” applies to the drivers in this F1 quiz. Can you name the 10 oldest pole-sitters in Formula 1 history?

Driving a Formula 1 car can often look like an art form, this powerful, ridiculously quick machine the driver must tame to get the most out of it.

There are not many things more impressive than being able to handle an F1 car, especially one of the fastest on the grid, and especially when going for pole position.

You could be excused for thinking Formula 1 is a young man’s game. Surely with age comes slower reaction times, thus the older the driver, the worse they will become.

But that could not be further from the truth.

Over the years, we have witnessed many drivers closer to 40 than 30 still competing and winning races.

In fact, the older the driver, the better they can be. They have experienced it all, they have the knowledge and the knowhow to deal with anything.

With that said, your challenge for this F1 quiz is to name the 10 oldest pole-sitters in Formula 1 history.

A quick note before anyone moans about it…Michael Schumacher’s Monaco 2012 pole does not count in this list.

While he would fit in here as he was aged 43 years and 144 days at the time, he did not start the race on pole due to a five-place grid penalty.

You need to name the 10 oldest drivers who started the race in pole position.

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Good luck!