F1 quiz: Every driver to win a Formula 1 race from 1990 to 1999

F1 1990s British Grand Prix

F1 1990s British Grand Prix

90s F1 fan or a student of the sport, this F1 quiz should be right up your street as we ask you name every race winner from 1990 and all the way through to the end of 1999.

There were 16 different winners during this particular decade with some huge names featuring on this list. What could trip you up, though, is those pesky drivers who collected a handful of race wins or, even more so, those in the one-race win club.

With seven minutes on the clock, that should be just enough time to rack your brain and complete the full line-up, maybe even get yourself high up on the leaderboard for some well-deserved bragging rights (providing you don’t cheat of course!)

Keep scrolling down for the quiz itself…

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Back to the here and now, well the 1990s for the sake of this quiz, here you go…