F1 quiz: Every driver to score a point in the 1993 Formula 1 season

Henry Valantine
Ayrton Senna during the Japanese Grand Prix. Suzuka 1993 F1 quiz

McLaren driver Ayrton Senna drives around Suzuka. 1993.

This latest F1 quiz is very difficult, but we have been slightly kinder to you by not asking you for every driver in the 1993 season. Just the points-scorers will do on this occasion.

A total of 35 drivers took part in at least one grand prix weekend 29 years ago – drivers coming in and out mid-season was much more commonplace at the time – but 22 took home at least one point in the season.

Williams were the dominant team throughout the year, as evidenced by just how far ahead they were of almost every other driver in the standings, but the battle for the lower reaches was pretty tight.

As we said, do not fret at seeing a couple of teams have more than two slots on the grid – some drivers who came in for certain race weekends or were parachuted in during the year will feature, so you will need to dig that bit deeper into your memory bank for some of the names in here.


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The eventual World Champion went on to retire after securing the title, several established names in Formula 1 did not score a single point and certain plucky youngsters were beginning to make their way in the top tier of motorsport.

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As for this quiz, we are wishing you the very best of luck!