F1 Quiz: List the 1995 Drivers’ Championship standings

Henry Valantine
Michael Schumacher sprays champagne. 1995 German GP Hockenheim.

Michael Schumacher sprays champagne. 1995 German GP Hockenheim.

Another day, another F1 quiz! Today, we’re asking you to cast your mind back to the year 1995…

It was a year that saw 35 drivers take to the track at some point in the season, be it for one race or all of them – but only 18 went on to score points, and that’s who we’re asking you to name in this quiz.

To help you on your way, you have the individual drivers’ nationality and points total for the year, so that should be more than enough of a hint for those looking to score top marks.

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But for now, let’s put your 1990s knowledge to the test. Good luck!