F1 quiz: Can you complete the F1 2003 Drivers’ Championship standings?


Williams' Ralf Schumacher at the 2003 Monaco Grand Prix. Monte Carlo, May 2003.

While the 2022 Championship battle is looking like a foregone conclusion, that was not the case in 2003 but how well do you remember that season?

The eventual Champion won by just two points over his title rival and it represented one of the smallest winning Championship margins in Formula 1 history.

The grid would also feature five drivers who had either already won the title or would go on to later in their careers and two of the drivers are fathers to sons who would also go on to race in F1.

While it is 19 years since the season, we want to know how well you remember it and are asking you to name every driver to have raced in 2003.

To help you out, we have given you the total points they earned but as a test, you will not be supplied with the team they drove for.

You have 10 minutes to name all 24 so get guessing!

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But for now, cast your mind back to 2003 and get guessing, good luck!