F1 quiz: Name the 14 Australian Formula 1 drivers

Fans pose with the Australia flag before practice at Monza. September 2021

With the return of the Australian Grand Prix on the horizon, it only seems right to keep testing your Aussie F1 knowledge!

We will be completely honest with you from the get-go: this quiz is rock solid. If anyone is getting six or more on this particular quiz then we doff our caps to you.

We are after the 14 drivers to hail from Australia that have officially started at least one race in the official World Championship competition.

Some of the names hidden will be very familiar, but we suspect some others are going to require some pretty specialist knowledge – unless you cheat of course (which is strictly frowned up!)

You have 10 minutes on the clock and the only additional information you have available to you is how many race starts they officially have to their name at the time of writing.

If you want something a little easier on the F1 brain, then why not have a go at naming the drivers who lined up for the 1994 Australian Grand Prix right here.

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If we haven’t put you off this particular quiz, then away you go below! Best of luck and let us know how you get on.