F1 Quiz: Can you name every Brazilian F1 driver?

Mark Scott
Brazil flag

Brazil flag

Back for another F1 quiz? Well strap yourselves in for a Brazilian trip to sift through the 30 Formula 1 drivers to hail from there.

This particular quiz is ripe for you to pick out some left-field names and boast to your family members, mates or even us. Please feel free to do so via our Twitter @Planet_F1 or our Facebook page.

For reasons that will become clear (hint hint) we are only accepting full name answers for this one. As a result, you have a full 20 minutes to have a crack at it before the timer runs out.

If you get 100 per cent on this one, with your conscience clear that you have not cheated in the slightest, you have permission from us to be called a genius from this day forth.

If, for some reason, you cannot see the quiz then jump over to our Sporcle page. You will find our other quizzes on there, too, as well as further down this article.

Good luck!

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