F1 quiz: Can you name F1’s Scandinavian drivers?

Mark Scott
Denmark flag flutters in the wind. March 2022

Denmark flag flutters in the wind. March 2022

With the return of a certain Danish driver to the Formula 1 grid, it’s time to test your knowledge on those F1 racers to hail from Scandinavia.

To avoid any doubt, we are looking for the names, just surnames will also suffice, of the 14 drivers to come from either Denmark or Sweden and have an official Formula 1 race start next to their name. Sadly no Norwegians have made it onto the grid yet.

There are some properly obscure names on this list and to help just a little bit, we’ve eliminated two drivers to have entered a Formula 1 race event – but didn’t actually start a race. The two drivers in question are Denmark’s Jac Nellemann in 1976 and Sweden’s Erik Lundgren in 1951. We’re sure those names were on the tip of your tongue.

And to help you just a little bit further, we’ve given you the years the respective 14 drivers on this list were active in Formula 1.

We will be very impressed if anyone manages to complete this list, without cheating of course! You’ve got 10 minutes on the clock for this one.

Let us know in the comments section below or by sending a tweet our way to @Planet_F1 and give us your scores. Be careful scrolling to the comments before taking part in the quiz as you may get some spoilers.

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