F1 Quiz: Charles Leclerc’s 16 podium finishes

Jamie Woodhouse
Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, looks up. Australia, April 2022.

Charles Leclerc, wearing a Ferrari cap, looks up. Australia, April 2022.

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc now has 16 podiums to his name as a Formula 1 driver, but can you remember them all?

The Monegasque driver is taking the early steps into his fourth full season in Formula 1, so to already have a haul of 16 podiums is not a bad effort at all.

We are pretty certain that there will be many more podiums in Leclerc’s future, he is only 24 years of age after all and considered a star that can carry Formula 1 into the future.

But for now, we are not focusing on any podiums of the future, we want to relive the podiums which he has already achieved!

Charles Leclerc waves on the podium. Saudi Arabia March 2022.
Charles Leclerc salutes the crowd after earning a place on the podium. Saudi Arabia March 2022.

Leclerc made his Formula 1 debut back in 2018, first appearing at the Australian Grand Prix with Sauber as one of the most highly-rated rookies to come along around that time.

Having won the GP3 and Formula 2 titles back-to-back as part of the Ferrari Driver Academy, he only needed that one season in Sauber colours to convince Ferrari that he was ready for a promotion, a rare move from the Scuderia who traditionally had gone for experience over youth.

So, for this quiz, while we haven’t offered up any additional information to help, we have set the timer at a generous 12 minutes to allow you to dig deep into your Formula 1 memories.

If Leclerc podiums are not really tempting you, then perhaps with the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola approaching, you could have a go at naming the 16 drivers who finished the 2006 San Marino Grand Prix, the last staging of that event to take place there.

Also, you can try Sportword – Planet Sport’s version of the five-letter word guessing game, with a new Formula 1-related answer to get every day.

In the meantime though, we hope you are ready to reel off the list of Leclerc’s podium finishes. We need the year and name of the grand prix for each of them. Good luck! And let us know your scores in the comments section.