F1 Quiz: Drivers with most Formula 1 podiums

Jamie Woodhouse
Haas VF-22 in the sunset. Australia, April 2022.

The Haas VF-22 car pictured in the sunset at Albert Park. Australia, April 2022.

With 10 minutes on the clock, your latest challenge is to name the 20 drivers with the most Formula 1 podium finishes.

The ultimate aim for every driver is to take victory in Formula 1.

But sometimes, for a title challenger who is not quite able to contend for the win, the key then is to ensure they finish on the podium in P2 or P3 to limit the damage.

For other drivers in the midfield, they dream of everything falling into place so they can take their place on the podium.

After one podium, the goal is to keep collecting more and there are in fact five drivers who have achieved over 100 podiums in Formula 1.

So there are these five names you must identify, and these likely will be the easier ones to get.

Do not rest on your laurels though, as even if you identify those five you have another 15 to go!

That is today’s quiz then, but after that you can also test your knowledge of Formula 1 drivers with the most race starts.

But wait…there’s more as you can tackle Sportword, Planet Sport’s edition of the five-letter, six-guess word game which gives you a different Formula 1-related word to find every day.

Your first task though is to name those 20 drivers with the most Formula 1 podiums. You have the number of podiums available to you, so all you need to do is match the names to the numbers.

Good luck, and make sure to tell us your score in the comments section.