F1 quiz: Every driver to race for Benetton

Henry Valantine
A Benetton F1 car is driven. Goodwood July 2014.

A Benetton Formula 1 car is driven and demonstrated in front of the crowd. Goodwood Festival of Speed July 2014.

We have another F1 quiz for you to tackle today, and your task this time around is to name all 17 drivers to race for Benetton.

Benetton raced in Formula 1 for 16 seasons overall and they managed to finish in the top three in the Constructors’ Championship on eight occasions and winning the 1995 title outright, showing their competitive power in their time in the sport.

You can also add 27 race victories and 102 podiums to their roll of honour, as one of the key players in Formula 1 in the 1980s and ’90s, before they left the sport at the end of 2001, to be taken over by Renault.

A selection of World Champions raced for the team in their time and driver turnover was relatively low, with 17 people getting behind the wheel in their 16 years – including those to race with the team for only part of a season.

Your goal on this F1 quiz is simply to name each one of them. You have eight minutes to do so, and your only clue is the years for which the drivers were active with the team. No clues on nationality – we didn’t want to make it that easy for you…

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But for now, go through your mind and find each person to drive a Benetton in their time in F1. Best of luck!