F1 Quiz: Every British driver to win an F1 Grand Prix

Johnnie Victoria

during the Formula One Grand Prix of Great Britain at Silverstone on July 10, 2016 in Northampton, England.

Great Britain has the greatest number of race winners in Formula 1. For this F1 quiz, can you name every British Grand Prix winner in F1 history?

Over the course of Formula 1’s history in the World Championship era that started in 1950, there have been 771 drivers to start a Grand Prix.

From those 771 drivers, 111 of them are Grand Prix winners. And breaking it down once more, those 111 race winners are split into 22 different nationalities.

And from those 22 nationalities, one stands out above the rest for the having the most different winners, as well as having the most race wins.

The United Kingdom boasts a strong lead over the other nationalities, particularly in race wins.

There have been 1,064 races in history. 307 of them have been won by a British driver. That’s 28.9% of all F1 races.

With 19 different drivers winning at least one race each, they beat out France’s second place tally of 14.

On top of race wins, there are also 10 World Champions with a combined 20 World Championships.

Of course, there is one driver who beats them all for wins, not just within his own nationality but with every driver to have ever competed.

For today’s F1 quiz, your challenge is to name those 19 British drivers to have won at least one race.

A number of the names will be easy to name, but as the number of wins goes down, it will become significantly harder.

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As for the quiz at hand, you have 10 minutes. Good luck!