F1 quiz: Can you name every driver with between 10 and 20 career pole positions?

Henry Valantine
The starting grid with Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez on the front row. Belgium August 2022

It’s time for another F1 quiz, and this one will test your knowledge of drivers who were particularly adept over one lap in their Formula 1 careers.

But rather than putting together an outright ‘who has the most pole positions in Formula 1’ quiz, we thought we would go a bit more specific on this occasion.

At time of writing, there are 23 drivers to have earned between 10 and 20 pole positions in the history of the sport – and your task is to name them in eight minutes or less. Simple, right?

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For this F1 quiz, there are some World Champions to find, some who didn’t quite make it and several others in between across the decades in the history of the sport. Good luck!

Please note: answers are correct as of the 2022 Mexico City Grand Prix. Drivers denoted with a * are active on the grid at the time of the 2022 Mexico City Grand Prix.

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