F1 quiz: Every driver to compete in the 2014 season

Jamie Woodhouse
Cars pull away from Silverstone grid. England, July 2014.

Cars pull away from the grid at Silverstone. England, July 2014.

Can you name every Formula 1 driver to feature on the grid of the 2014 season as the turbo-hybrid era came into effect?

The 2014 Formula 1 campaign brought about a change among the most significant which Formula 1 has seen, that being the engines.

Turbocharged engines, or power units as they were now starting to be called, returned to Formula 1 for the first time since 1988, these complex pieces of work seeing the engine development freeze, which had run from 2006-2013, scrapped in favour of a points system to allow and regulate development.

It also marked the start of a record-breaking streak of dominance, Mercedes winning the 2014 Constructors’ Championship and repeating that achievement every season since.

During that 2014 campaign, there were 23 drivers who recorded an official race classification, so with five minutes on the clock, and with the aid of the nationality of each of these drivers, it is your job to name them all.

And once you have completed this quiz, make sure to have a go at naming every British Formula 1 race winner in history.

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First though, it is time to name the Formula 1 drivers who saw in that new era back in 2014. Best of luck!