F1 quiz: Every French F1 driver with 50+ race starts

A fan waves a French flag. Paul Ricard June 2021.

A French fan waves a flag before the race starts. Paul Ricard June 2021.

This F1 quiz will have you racking your brains for F1 driver names past and present that hail from France…

But rather than trying to name every single French Formula 1 driver from over the years, we’ve made things slightly (and we mean slightly) easier for you.

Instead, we’re looking for the 20 drivers from France that have 50 or more appearances in Formula 1. Sorry Jean-Paul Jabouille (he had 49, just in case you were wondering).

10 minutes on the clock for this one and surnames are acceptable answers. Sadly there are no extra points for first names as well, but you can enter full names if you wish.

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Anyway, back to the main quiz…good luck!