F1 Quiz: Every winner of the past European Grands Prix in F1 history

Johnnie Victoria
Baku City Circuit overview. Azerbaijan GP June 2021.

A view overlooking Baku with both sides of the Baku City Circuit. Azerbaijan June 2021.

The European Grand Prix is no longer part of the calendar, but for this F1 quiz, can you name the winners of said Grand Prix when it was?

In the World Championship era, the European Grand Prix was the name used for a Grand Prix held in a country that already had a Grand Prix in the country as part of the calendar at a different point and circuit in the same season.

For example, the Spanish Grand Prix has been competed at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Barcelona since 1991.

However, from 2008-2012, there was another Grand Prix held at the Valencia Street Circuit in Valencia, Spain.

That meant there were two races in Spain from the 2008 season to the 2012 season, and as such, the second one, being the Valencian race, was named the European Grand Prix.

The first edition of the European Grand Prix was in 1983, competed at Brands Hatch, England.

It was then run every year till 2012 – with the exception of 1998 – but at various different circuits and countries.

The Nürburgring in Germany was used predominantly as the European GP between 1999-2007, as well as in 1984, 1995 and 1996, as the German GP was competed at the Hockenheimring

Jerez in Spain was used in 1994 and 1997. And Donnington, England, was used in 1993.

The exception to this rule, though, came in 2016, when the F1 circus arrived to Baku, Azerbaijan for the very first time.

Instead of it being named the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, as we know it now, it was named the European Grand Prix for its first edition.

But enough backstory on the European Grand Prix, let’s get into today’s quiz.

Your challenge is to name every winner of the past European Grands Prix.

There are 23 races in total, but only 14 winners, so there are a number of duplicate answers.

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As for the quiz at hand, you have 7 minutes. Good luck!