Guess the Grid: Can you name the starting grid from the 1987 Hungarian Grand Prix?

The starting grid for the 1987 Hungarian Grand Prix.

The starting grid for the 1987 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Time to test your grid knowledge with this latest F1 quiz. More specifically, the line-up at the 1987 Hungarian Grand Prix.

August 9, 2022 represents the 35th anniversary of this particular race, which was the 445th race in Formula 1’s history.

It was the 19th Formula 1 career victory for the winner (we won’t tell you who it is for obvious reasons!) and the 36th win for the Williams team.

A whopping 24 drivers lined up on the grid for this one, but we will be kind and only ask you to name the top 12 on the starting grid in the quickest time possible.

Again, we want the order of the starting grid, not how the race finished.

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For now, though, here is that 1987 Hungarian Grand Prix starting grid for you to tackle.

The very best of luck!