Guess the Grid: 2006 Spanish Grand Prix

Henry Valantine
Fernando Alonso leaves the pits. Barcelona May 2006.

Renault driver Fernando Alonso heads onto the track at his home race. Barcelona May 2006.

It’s time for another F1 quiz, and this time we’d like you to name every driver on the grid for the 2006 Spanish Grand Prix at Barcelona.

It was a happy homecoming for the Spanish crowd’s hero exactly 16 years ago today at the time of writing, but the grid was stacked with 22 cars and drivers for you to name on this occasion.

As with any of these quizzes, some of the answers are pretty straightforward, but there are some tricky ones to get further down the field…

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But in the here and now, cast your mind back to the duel between Renault and Ferrari back in 2006. Good luck!