F1 quiz: Can you match these special liveries to the races they appeared in?

Sam Cooper
Lando Norris in his Gulf-liveried McLaren at Monaco. May 2021.

Lando Norris heads towards Tabac in his one-off liveried McLaren. Monaco May 2021.

From sponsorships of movies to celebrations of retiring drivers, special liveries are nothing new in the world of Formula 1 – and this F1 quiz puts your knowledge to the test on precisely this subject.

While they seem to be increasingly common in the modern era, special liveries date much further back.

In 1986, McLaren swapped their iconic red and white colour scheme for yellow and white in partnership with Marlboro who were promoting their new type of cigarette (different times, eh?)

Their have also been poignant tributes with Ferrari running a sponsorless car in the wake of 9/11, the nose was also painted black in memory of those who lost their lives. It is not just the cars that get a makeover either and we have seen drivers or pit crews wearing outfits ranging from lederhosen to James Bond tuxedos to Stormtrooper helmets.

With that in mind, we want to test your memory and see if you can match the livery to the race they appeared in. We will show you 10 images of cars and you have four options to choose from.

For clarity, it is the first race the livery appeared in as some went on to be used in multiple grands prix.

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