F1 quiz: Drivers with the most race entries without a pole position

Henry Valantine
Drivers in place for a practice start. Canadian Grand Prix June 2022.

Drivers move into place to complete their practice starts. Canada, June 2022.

While many of these brain teasers focus on plenty of success, today’s F1 quiz is on something of an unwanted record among long-serving drivers.

As such, we have listed the 10 drivers with the most race entries without ever scoring a pole position in Formula 1. We should absolutely add that starting this amount of races is more than an achievement in itself, but these drivers were not able to place their car P1 on the grid through their career.

One current driver on the grid appears in this quiz, with the asterisk representing their number of race starts as of the 2022 Italian Grand Prix.

Another thing to keep in mind on this is that, just because some of these drivers never started on pole, this does not mean they did not go on to win certain races…

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Also, make sure you try Sportword if you have not done so already, or you’re already an avid player and are yet to take on today’s challenge. It’s Planet Sport’s word guessing game in which you have six attempts to decipher a different word based around Formula 1 every day.

But in this moment, you have 10 drivers to guess, and seven minutes in which to work out who they are. Good luck!

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